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Former teammate in The Miracle Season-inspired movie hopes film will help others

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A true story of inspiration that played out on an eastern Iowa volleyball court will be getting an international audience.

The trailer for "The Miracle Season" hit the airwaves on Thursday. The movie tells the story of Caroline Found, an Iowa West High School volleyball player, who died in August of 2011 when she crashed into a tree after she lost control of her moped. It goes on to tell the story of what happened after, how Found's volleyball team battled through a difficult season to win the state championship for the second year in a row.

For those that lived the story, seeing the trailer brought a strange sensation.

"It was a lot, for sure. It brings back a lot of initial memories so it was difficult, for sure. It's a really exciting time for the community and it's great and I'm proud, mostly of her, but of us, too," Olivia Mekies said. "It will always be hard. It's hard everyday, so when you see that and it's all over social media every time you pull up your phone, it's a lot to take in." 

Mekies was not only one of Found's teammates, but a friend. In the film, the character "Brie" is based on her, who helps rally the team to start winning again. The role is played by actress Tiera Skovbye. Mekies said Skobye reached out to her about the role and the two have kept in contact throughout the process.

"It's meant a lot for her to be reaching out to me and to be making an effort. It's definitely strange, but they seem to be really wanting to be involved with our story which means a lot," Mekies said.

For Mekies, when the film opens in theaters on April 13, she hopes it will leave an impact on the girls that watch it just like how Caroline, known to them as "Line", left one on them.

"Caroline was a person that really reached out to everybody, not just her friends. I think really what we're hoping to get out of this is to just show people, help each other. High school is a tough time for everybody, not just for young girls," Mekies said. "That's what we want people to learn from Caroline."

While sitting on a bold blue bench dedicated to Caroline, with the words "Live Like Line", Mekies said the day they learned Caroline died was one of the worst days of her life.  And the days and months that followed were emotionally tolling, but they overcame together as a team.

"Nothing will ever change the fact that we lost a best friend. A trophy is not going to make that better, but it was just being able to honor her and get that trophy for her because she wanted that so bad and, at the end of the day, we had to work hard for that and it was a miracle," she said.

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