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Drivers watch deer jump off bridge

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Denny Benyshek Denny Benyshek

Disturbing video shows a group of deer jumping off an eastern Iowa bridge. What's most disturbing is what happened after the jump.

An Atkins couple caught the leap on cell phone video last weekend, near Highway 30 in Cedar Rapids. Drivers say at first the deer looked like they weren't going to jump, but within seconds everything changed.

"I was just like 'no no no, don't do it' that's all I thought 'just don't,'' said Nick Veerhusen, Atkins.

"We just like gasped like, "no they did not just do that,'" said Katrina Webber, Cedar Rapids.

Perhaps the deer were spooked by the traffic and were not aware of what wasn't on the other side.

"A male deer started running towards the edge and he jumped and the rest of the family followed," said Webber.

Drivers say they were hopeful the deer survived the fall, but that wasn't the case as the peered over the edge of the bridge, they saw a gruesome sight.

"We stopped the car right away and got out and looked and I expected at least to see maybe the buck just taking off, no just all four were laying there," said Veerhusen. "I can't even describe what I felt, just seeing the four of them laying there...that was kind of scary."

Drivers were also concerned the deer would land on cars going under the bridge, but drivers say the animals landed on the side of the road.

"We stopped and looked over the edge, to make sure everybody was safe on the bottom and just looking over at them you could see the pain on her face, the mom her face was really sad," said Webber.

That look is something drivers say can't be erased from their minds.

"To see a whole family of deer just gone like that...yeah it's really sad," said Veerhusen.

This is something that has a lot of people talking with thousands of views of this video on Facebook. A big question, why would the deer do this? Well, the Iowa DNR says the deer most likely felt trapped and it was the only option they felt they had to get away.

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