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5 diamond rings stolen from home

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An eastern Iowa man says five diamond rings were stolen from his home, and he's trying to find them.

Jim Bruns of Waterloo said his wife noticed her rings were missing, when she went to put them on for a Christmas party last week.

Since there were no signs of anyone breaking into their home, they believe they know who did it, but they can't prove it.

After reporting the incident to police, Jim found out more bad news.

"She went to put them on, and they were gone," Bruns said.

With no signs of anyone breaking into the house, Bruns said he had an idea who may have done it.

"There's no broken windows. There's no nothing. So, it's got to be an inside job, and then you wonder who," Bruns said.

Jim said he asked the person who he thought did it, and they denied it. 

So, he filed a police report.

"If you want something, go work for it. This is a lot of money we're talking about here, and I didn't ever steal. I just wish the person who did it would bring them back, but that's not going to happen, and I know it," Bruns said.

The worst part, Jim believes whoever took his wife's jewelry also stole money from his 11-year-old great granddaughter. 

"I said, 'oh, no,' and I said, 'are you sure you did that, let's not be pushing it off on somebody else.' She said, 'I think I should know where I put them,'" Bruns said.

After filing the report, Jim said he realized his great granddaughter's Christmas money was gone too.

"She's really into Sunday School, and then 'BOOM,' and I'm going to have a lot of explaining to do. God didn't create this happening. It just happened. I said, 'there you are.' There's bad people," Bruns said.

According to Jim's jeweler, the five stolen rings were worth more than $14,000.

Right now, Jim and police are keeping an eye on pawn shops to see if the rings were pawned.

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