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Help needed after 200 birds are rescued in Johnson County

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Some feathered friends are looking for their forever homes after a massive animal rescue in Eastern Iowa.

On December 9, more than 200 birds were rescued by the Johnson County Sheriff's Office and Iowa City Animal Services.

The rescue happened after someone reported witnessing neglect to the animals, Iowa City Animal Services Supervisor, Liz Ford, said. 

"It started with one phone call and that is that someone saw something that they didn't think was right and they reported it," she said. "Sometimes, it can really make a difference and obviously all of these animals needed to get out of that situation."

According to Ford, the birds were underfed, not given enough water, and were living in poor conditions. She said that, after the transport, some of the birds died because of the previous conditions, but the others are doing well adjusting to their new temporary homes.

"I do worry about some of them because they've been in a situation that wasn't good for a period of time," she said.

The animal shelter is used to getting dogs and cats, but ducks, geese, chickens, and pigeons of that number? Not so much. All of the birds are now being taken care of at three separate foster farm homes.  That's where the real challenge has begun.

"Right now, we're definitely in need of food for these guys. All of the animals behind me are eating about two 40 pounds bag of foods a day," Ford, said.

Ford said they weren't prepared for such a high intake and animal services is in need of any help people can provide. She said they're in need of poultry food and straw bales. Otherwise, they're willingly accepting gift cards so that they can purchase the needed items.

The health of birds will start being evaluated later this week, and Ford said they hope to start adopting out the healthy ones by Friday. With over 200 birds under their care, Ford said they're looking for a lot of homes for them.

People interested in adopting any of the birds are encouraged to contact the Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center at 319-356-5295.

The Johnson County Sheriff's office will continue to investigate the neglect.  No charges have been made at this time.

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