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Police give free turkeys instead of tickets

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The West Liberty Police Department made it their goal to make 100 traffic stops today and the reason why might surprise you. 

Officers were finding reasons to pull people over whether it be a missing license plate or rolling through a stop sign and then instead of giving tickets they were giving vouchers for free turkeys. 

"I stopped you because you didn't quite stop at that stop sign but today we are handing out special citations, we paired with West Liberty Foods and they are giving away free turkeys," Officer Josh Hauser told someone he stopped. 

"I think that's very nice, it's nice for the holidays," says Mike Gunn, who was pulled over by Officer Hauser. 

For some frustration was quickly turned into relief. 

"Why is it that I'm happy to be pulled over now," laughed Juan Dominguez. 

"I actually got a big smile on my face, it was pretty cool actually I was a little nervous when I saw the cop walking up and he's like license and registration he was so serious I couldn't tell," laughed Jeffery Ruiz. 

Police Chief Kary Kinmonth says he approached West Liberty Foods expecting to get a handful of turkeys to handout for the holidays but the next day they donated 100 turkey vouchers, a donation worth $1,500. 

"It got me kick started into the Christmas spirit that's for sure," says Jerry Melick, who was pulled over. 

The certificates can be used at any grocery store that accepts manufacturer coupons like Jeff's Market in West Liberty, Hy-Vee, Fareway, Costco and Walmart. 

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