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Megabus driver caught with eyes off road

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A bus driver is caught on camera shuffling through papers while driving. Zachary Smith says he shot cell phone video on his Megabus trip from Des Moines to Iowa City.

In the video the bus driver can be seen rummaging through a stack of papers while driving Smith says from the moment he got on the bus yesterday afternoon, the bus driver was fidgeting with his seat and sifting through a pile of papers. After the driver refused to stop, smith turned on his camera.

"It was horrifying, he had his hands off the wheel and his eyes off the road for several seconds while he's looking at these papers," said Smith, Iowa City.

Smith says the bus driver told him he was doing his job.

"The bus driver the entire bus ride was driving practically swerving all over the road, he was playing with his seat at multiple points was playing with papers and shuffling through papers," said Smith. "Finally after we asked him multiple times, and him saying he was doing his job, I recorded what he was doing while he was driving recklessly on the road."

Smith says he and other passengers asked the driver to stop.

"We asked him to put the papers down, multiple riders, probably four or five of us and he just said, 'he's doing his job''and 'he's running behind' and he was very brash with how he spoke back to us," said Smith.

After the trip Smith reached out to Megabus through email, this was their response:

"Your information is very useful and has been escalated to our operations manager and the necessary actions has been taken to prevent a reoccurrence. Please accept our apology and be assured that safety is always our number one priority and it takes precedence over all other concerns." -Megabus Escalations Team

Smith says he expressed his concern to the driver as well when he left the bus.

"I told him this was the worst travel experience I've ever had and he just said, 'thanks for riding Megabus'," said Smith.

Smith says he also tried to call the Megabus company and sent them the video, but has not gotten a phone call back. KWWL sent them the video as well, the company says they are investigating this incident.

In a full statement they said:

" takes safety as our top priority. The route concerned is owned and operated by our partner Windstar Lines. Windstar Lines is fully co-operating with us in investigating and addressing this serious incident and all necessary steps will be taken to prevent a reoccurrence."-Sean Hughes, Director of Corporate Affairs, North America

At last check the company is still investigating. 

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