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"Turning Point USA" voted against at Wartburg College

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A Wartburg College student and the Student Senate are at odds about a new club coming to campus.

Emily Russell has been trying to bring a chapter of Turning Point USA to Wartburg College. The organization is known for being for limited government and free markets, but Wartburg Student Senate voted 'no' and they say they did so for a reason.

Russell says this is the first time the the college has denied a club from being added to campus in the last few years, but the college says that is not true. In fact the Student Senate says one was voted down last year.

"Student Senate has closed the door for Turning Point at Wartburg and we were very upset because it should just be like any other decision you can appeal and we felt we were just stopped right then and there in our tracks," said Russell, Turning Point USA club president.

Russell says she and other members are upset after the club she worked hard to create was shot down.

"The majority of those people on the committee voted 'no' or abstained, which is pretty disappointing because we had their approval for the vote and everything and it just kind of didn't play out how we thought," said Russell.

Russell worked for nearly a year to bring Turning Point USA to the college, but the Student Senate voted against it last week. We asked the college why they decided against adding the organization to campus, but they said they couldn't speak for the Student Senate, so we asked the student body president.

"One of the red flags for me was some of the tactics that the national chapter had, which is why they had to have an amendment to their constitution adding in that the would abide by Wartburg's mission before the national chapter's," said Naomi Alene, Student Body President. "That wasn't much of a concern anymore, but that was one of the red flags that did come up."

Russell says the club did what the senate asked.

"They had a problem with the national organization, but we made it clear several times that we are independent from the national organization and that we work really hard with the school and ultimately we'd answer to the college, but I guess they didn't see it that way," said Russell.

The Student Senate says the club had a good mission, but they just have a problem with the affiliation with national organization. Alene says the college is working to still allow the club to be on campus as long as they are not associated with the national organization.

Russell says the club still meets off campus.

The student body president said she abstained from voting and says each senator has their own reason for voting 'no'.

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