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First 100 drivers cited for speeding

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Police are now officially giving out tickets from their new speed cameras.

Last month, Waterloo police started using their new hand-held speed camera that catches drivers in the act.

At first, police did a trial run, and they issued warnings, but now it's serious.

Waterloo police say they've caught more than 300 drivers speeding since they first rolled out their new hand-held camera.

That's nearly 200 warnings and 100 tickets.

Waterloo Police Patrol Sergeant Robert Greenlee is able to catch you speeding with his new Light Detection and Ranging camera he calls a LIDAR.

"If the LIDAR gets a certain speed, it will tell the camera to take a picture of what we just shot, and that's what it will do. When we shoot an object, we get a mile per hour, but we'll also get a distance," Sergeant Greenlee said.

Sergeant Greenlee said he's able to use it on the side of the road or in his cruiser.

The best part of the technology is that it's simple and accurate.

"There's one lens that shoots it out, and there's one lens that brings it back, and what it does is measures the time that it takes to get back to there based off the distance it traveled. That's when you get your velocity," Sergeant Greenlee said.

Police say the areas they're asked to patrol the most are school zones and residential areas.

They say it's as simple as following the rules, and the speed camera simply helps them effectively enforce it.

"And, I make sure I've got a clear picture of the front or rear of the vehicle  and the distance and speed are all correct here based off what the LIDAR is showing me, and then I have the option to accept it or reject it," Sergeant Greenlee said.

In a matter of minutes, Sergeant Greenlee said he's able to cite more offenders than he normally would during an entire shift.

"But, then it gives us a clear view of the driver, a clear view of the plate, and just today I've gotten 11," Sergeant Greenlee said.

Right now, Waterloo police only have one of these speed cameras, and more police are learning how to use it.

They plan to get two more.

  • 6-10 miles per hour over the posted speed limit……………….. $50
  • 11-15 miles per hour over the posted speed limit……………… $75
  • 16-20 miles per hour over the posted speed limit…………….. $100
  • More than 21 miles per hour over the posted speed limit…..... $200


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