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UPDATE: Irreplaceable shepherds hook returned to family

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Earlier this week, we told you about a shepherd's hook that was stolen from a cemetery north of Nashua. 

A Clarksville man asked that it be by his grave.

His wife tells KWWL the shepherds hook has been returned to them.

It was one of  many stolen items that were found by Charles City police yesterday. 

We will be speaking with the family later today. 


Updated by Amanda Gilbert

It's always tough spending that first holiday season without a loved one.

An eastern Iowa welder built something special for his family to remember him by. 

It was placed by his grave after he died, just as he wanted.

But now, not even six months after his death, it's gone.

Clarksville native Deke Rodamaker built a unique shepherd's hook. 

For about a month now, it has been at the Riverton Cemetery, just North of Nashua.

Deke's wife, Linda Rodamaker, says it weighed about 40 pounds. She says the shepherd's hook is, "something he made and something that he wanted at his grave." 

On Saturday, December 2nd, one of Deke's daughters went up to the grave. The family was hoping to place a Christmas wreath at the grave. His daughter noticed the shepherd's hook was missing. 

The family says it was anchored deep in the ground and was too heavy for the wind to blow it away. They think someone stole it. 

"I mean the family's still mourning and it's Christmas. This is going to my first year without my husband of 41 years. It's hard on me and all three of his daughters. And now to have this happen, it's hard," Linda says. 

Deke died in July of this year. He was 70. 

The family searched the woods behind the grave. They couldn't find anything. 

They say they also noticed the gate at the entrance of the cemetery had been left wide open. 

Linda says she's devastated, and the shepherd's hook is irreplaceable.

"It's one of the last things that he built before his vision went and he couldn't weld no more," Linda says. 

Below is her message to whoever might have taken it: 

"I don't care if you ever are identified; just please bring it back to the cemetery. You can just put it by his grave. We will take care of it and put it back in the ground. I just want it back. There's no way of replacing it."

The family did notify police. Nashua police say if you have any information on where the shepherd's hook might be, please call them or the Floyd County Sheriff's Office. 

The family is offering a cash reward to anyone who helps them find this family treasure. 

Click here for the Nashua Police Facebook post about the missing shepherd's hook. 

The picture next to this article is of a shepherd's hook that looks very similar to the one that went missing. The one that went missing looks like this, but it also has cowbells on it. 

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