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Congressman King rallies in support of baker who denied baking same-sex couple cake

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Congressman Steve King joins a rally held in front of the United States Supreme Court on behalf of Jack Phillips, a Colorado baker who denied making a cake for a same-sex couple.

 Phillips has been sanctioned by the Colorado Civil Rights Commission for refusing to design cakes for same-sex ceremonies.

Phillips says Colorado’s efforts to force him to do so violate his First Amendment right to freely exercise his religious beliefs.

King appeared at a “Justice for Jack” rally to express his support for Phillips.

King released this statement, "I am urging the United States Supreme Court to say ‘I Do’ to the First Amendment by respecting this wedding cake baker’s right to operate his small business in a manner which is consistent with the free exercise of his religious beliefs even if that means the baker will choose not to produce cakes for same-sex ceremonies. The right to freely exercise one’s religion is an explicit right in the First Amendment, whereas the Founding Fathers would have scoffed at the suggestion that a State could punish a baker who refused to violate his conscience by supplying cakes for a same-sex ceremony. The Supreme Court needs to return to reading the Constitution with the meaning it holds as ratified by ‘We the People,’ or maybe a Constitutional amendment should be introduced that will allow ‘We the People’ to start directly voting on who gets to sit on the Supreme Court.”

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