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UPDATE: Documents shed more light on Dubuque murder

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The Dubuque Police Department said they don't have a motive for the alleged killing. 

This is not the first time Michael Piantieri has been in trouble with the law. His criminal history is extensive. It includes domestic assault, multiple charges of theft, also burglary.

One of the most severe charges was for attempted murder for allegedly stabbing someone in Clinton in 2012. However, he plead guilty to a lesser charge, and did not serve his full sentence. 

His next court date is set for December 14th. 


Michael Piantieri, accused of first-degree murder over the weekend, made his initial court appearance this morning in Iowa District Court of Dubuque County.

His bond was set at $1 million.

Court documents also filed this morning shed more light on what happened this weekend.

Piantieri is accused of killing 42-year-old Beverly Puccio Saturday night.

According to court documents, police were first called to her home on High Bluff St. Sunday when an acquaintance stopped by the house and and saw blood.

Police responded, and eventually entered with a warrant. They say they found Puccio naked, lying on a bed, covered "in blood to the point that the responding officers could not tell where the source of blood came from nor could they observe what types of injuries" she had sustained, documents show.

Puccio had told her friend she was going to the Walnut Tap, and police checked surveillance video there, where they were able to identify her entering the bar just after 4 p.m. Saturday.

Police say Puccio started talking with a man believed to be Piantieri shortly after, and the two started kissing and fondling each other in the bar sometime after, documents say.  Piantieri's girlfriend was able to identify him on the surveillance video.

The two are seen leaving the bar together on surveillance video, police say.  They were able to track a cab through traffic cameras back to Rhomberg Ave., where it turned towards Puccio's home on High Bluff St.

A little more than two hours after their cab is seen, a silver truck was seen stopping in front of the High Bluff St. home.  Documents show one person got out of the truck, went in the house, and got back in the truck.

Police later located the owner of the truck, who said his daughter, Piantieri's girlfriend, had the truck. She told police that Piantieri told her to pick him up because he got in a fight and was kicked out of a party.  Piantieri told his girlfriend he might have killed a guy, documents say.

Piantieri's girlfriend told police she took him back to the house the next day to retrieve bloody items.  They took them back to her house, she said, and burned them.

She also told police she believed Piantieri had bloody jeans and shoes in the house.

Piantieri was arrested Monday and admitted that he met a woman at the Walnut Tap, kissed and engaged in sexual contact with her and shared a cab with her, but denied going into her house.

During a search of Piantieri's house, police say they found a pair of shoes that seemed to match the pair he had on in the surveillance video.  Police said those shoes appeared to have blood spray and spatter on them.

Piantieri's next court appearance is set for Thursday, Dec. 14.

Piantieri's girlfriend is not in custody at this time, but charges remain possible depending on how the investigation progresses, Lt. Scott Baxter with the Dubuque Police said.  They'll consult with the County Attorney to determine if additional charges will be filed, he said.

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