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Cat loses leg, suffers burns after being trapped in car engine

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After suffering multiple burns and losing a leg an area cat is on the road to recovery tonight.

"She had jumped into the back of the truck and there was food left in the traps.," said Tracy Belle Wildthunder Wildlife & Animal Rehabilitation. "She must have stuck her foot in the trap, got trapped and then from there she must have just been frightened."

The stray cat, now named Justice, then looked for shelter in a nearby car.

"She climbed into the nearest vehicle that she found and the person was unaware that there was a cat lodged in her engine compartment, so she actually traveled trapped and pinned next to that hot engine from Rowley all the way to Independence." said Belle.

Independence Police say the driver noticed a sound coming from her engine after more than 10 miles of driving. The driver called police for help. Officer Andrew Isley was able to pull Justice the cat from the engine area.

"She located the cat in the area of the drive shaft of her vehicle," said Isley. "I kind of just had to reach over the engine block to get it, the fur was kind of burnt along her left side...she was scared."

Since then Justice has been through a lot. She's had many surgeries including one, where they removed one of her front legs.

"All the way up to the scapula...that whole leg was severely burned," said Belle. "The blood vessels leading to the paw that was damaged from the trap were cauterized from the burns from the car."

For now Justice is healing at the Wildthunder Wildlife & Animal Rehabilitation in Independence after being transported to Des Moines for surgery. She's got a long road ahead of her, but she's a fighter.

"She's got such fight, you know we had many people saying, 'oh put the cat down' ,but animals will let you know and she just had such spirit and such fight and will that we knew she wanted to fight," said Belle.

Police officers remind you to check under your hoods this season, what happened to Justice can happen to any animal.

A Gofundme page was created to help pay for the cat's medical bills.

If you'd like to learn more about  Wildthunder Wildlife & Animal Rehabilitation CLICK HERE.

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