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Unggoy customers frustrated with lengthy internet outage

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Customers of Unggoy Broadband, an internet service provider out of Charles City, say they're just starting to see their service back up and running after a lengthy internet outage. 

For many Unggoy customers, frustration boiled over the past five days after there was no internet service.

Many customers, including Angela Gidley of Waverly, voiced their concerns on the company's Facebook page

Gidley is a busy mom of three, and being able to work from home has been a blessing. 

"I sell things online and I really need access to my computer to print shipping labels and list new items and sell stuff," said Gidley. 

Without internet, Gidley says she can't do business, and that's been her dilemma the past five days. The outage also occurred during one of her busiest days of the year, Cyber Monday. 

"Just to be told every day the internet's going to be back on," said Gidley. "It's today. It's almost there, and just to keep waiting."

Gidley said she had been posting on the company's Facebook page, but she wasn't receiving a clear answer as to when power would be back up. 

 "I didn't call their phone line because people said they weren't answering anyway," said Gidley. "I've just been checking messages, checking their Facebook."

The company posted false promises to customers over the past week, saying "Things are getting very close," "Just some last minute work," and "No eta but it will be today." 

Some costumers wrote that they wouldn't be paying their bill, until "service is restored and working as promised."

"We would just like to know if we have to get a new provider," said Gidley. "If this is not going to work out or they're going to be up and running in the next hour. We don't have any idea."

After her questions went unanswered, Gidley along with other Unggoy customers reached out to KWWL. 

KWWL called Unggoy Friday morning, and did speak to someone from the company on the phone, but management declined to speak with KWWL. 

Friday evening, Unggoy issued the following statement to KWWL: 

We acknowledge and sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that this outage has caused our current clients and have made every effort to bring service back online.  The impact of upgrades we've made in response to this negative situation will ultimately have a positive impact; our clients will experience more reliable faster Internet going forward.

Re-fortifying a network and retracing its steps take time and we have worked around the clock and pooled resources to remedy this situation. We ask for our customer's continued patience and understanding as we attempt to bring this dark cloud a silver lining.

Currently, service is coming back up as provisioning progresses.  Furthermore, not all of our service areas were affected by this outage; Cedar Falls and Waterloo areas.

Update as of 2:45 - Friday 12/01/2017

Please note: All service areas are starting to slowly come back up as of this posting.

Updates will continue to be posted as progress continues.  

Sincerely The Unggoy Broadband Team

Gidley says there have been outages in the past, but the company has been good about responding and getting service back up and running.

According to their most recent Facebook page post, service is partially restored. The company also warned customers that they may experience "some ups and downs and slow speeds while we are working to restore service entirely in all areas." 

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