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Run-off election for Cedar Falls City Council days away

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Cedar Falls is a thriving community and the current battleground for city hall's last council seat.

During the November election, none of the three candidates for the at-large seat were able to win a majority of the votes.

LeaAnn Saul is a Cedar Falls native and one of two contenders for the open seat. Saul believes the future of the city is in the continued expansion of Technology Park.

"When we develop the industrial park ahead of time, it makes it easy for companies to come here more quickly. When they decide they want to move to a city and build a business, they don't want to have to wait for the streets, sewer, or utilities. Let's get it done ahead of time," said Saul.

Saul's challenger is U.S. Coast Guard Veteran, Rob Green. Green wants to see an emphasis on a different type of development.

"Using our existing properties and infrastructure for rebuilding, rehabilitating. Like Slumberland just did in Hy-Vee. Things like that are what I think is going to help us have that growth, but also that strong central infrastructure that the city is going to need," said Green.

But where do the candidates stand on one of the most controversial issues in Cedar Falls right now? The use of cross-trained police officers and firefighters to become public safety officers.

"It is fantastic if you can get a first responder on scene with firefighting equipment and the ability to do some basic things at the start, but I think we are shortchanging the future by trying to combine them all into one person," said Green.

"I think we should have a good number of full-time firefighters on staff and I would probably increase that by five. I believe they can work together, and I think the public safety building will provide us that opportunity for them to develop some comradery and work together," said Saul.

The other major issue which is set for a vote during this coming term is the proposed part-time mayor. Both Saul and Green agree the Cedar Falls Mayor should be a full-time position.

But why should people put Cedar Falls in their hands?

"I've invested a lot in the city of the past 40 years. Downtown here with Holiday Hoopla, I am on the board. I built the PIPAC Center for Cedar Falls. I love it, and I want to pass on a great city to my grandchildren," said Saul.

"I've got 20 years of experience in the military, in higher-ed, in corporate circles. I am the kind of objective, well-rounded, and innovative thinker that I would like to see on city council, so that is why I am running for the at-large seat," said Green.

Cedar Falls will decide between Saul and Green on Tuesday, December 5th. 

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