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Denver School District completes $10M project

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An area school district opened a brand new facility, which holds twice as many people and offers much more than their old location.

The Denver School District has been pushing to get a new facility with a new gymnasium and auditorium for the last few years. Brad Laures the Superintendent of Denver Community Schools spent nearly four years trying to get the bond referendum to build the new facility near the athletic complex to pass. After failing in 2014 and 2015, it passed in 2016 and the $10 million project began. Now a year and a half later, the facility is open.

"People walking through those doors and seeing those looks in their faces...that was priceless," said Laures.

The doors to the Cyclone Center opened this month, something Laures says is very important to the community and the school district.

"Our quality of our education in our school district is second to none," said Laures. "We want to be the best school anywhere, but our facilities didn't match."

The old gym was small and outdated, holding only 700 people. The new gym doubles that, holding 1,500.

"The crowd was a lot louder and a lot larger, but it was great that we had a place to host everyone," said Annie Place, Denver Senior.

On game day this Monday, it was first time the Denver Cyclones took the new court, players say the feeling was indescribable.

"When I had my uniform on waiting for the call that we could go out on the court I was like, 'oh it's going to be nothing different'," said Sam Joerger, Denver Senior. "But when I took those first couple dribbles to lead the team out it gave me chills, it was completely different, the crowd was going nuts and it was really, really cool."

"It's's so great I wish we even had it our freshman year so we could play on it all four years," said Bo McMahon, Denver Senior.

From the new auditorium, to the gym, the new facility is a winner.

"It's a lot larger, like I said,  and it's a new atmosphere that we are going to have to get used to, but it's a good one, it's a good change," said Place.

The facility is getting some finishing touches right now, but it is open for plays, games and practices. Soon, it will be open for the community to use the new walking track.

Denver Schools can also host wrestling events in the new gym now, something they weren't capable of before.

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