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It's Official: Inclusive playground coming to Cedar Falls thanks to community donations

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For years, many people in the community have been working hard to raise money for an inclusive playground in Cedar Falls. 

Two mothers with special needs children have been spearheading a campaign to raise funds for the park. 

Thanks to a lot of donations yesterday on Giving Tuesday, enough money has been raised for construction on the playground to begin in the Spring. 

Children in the community raised over $10,000 for the park. They sold bracelets, pumpkins, and their own toys. 

For more information on the park,  click here for the Facebook Page and here for the website

Below is the post on Facebook about the inclusive park: 

As this post is going "live" I should be finishing up a discussion with a group of Hansen Elementary students. Many of you have read my stories of how inclusive and amazing that school is and how outstanding the children are to my son.

Children in our community have raised over $10,000 for the #PlaceToPlayPark. They have sold bracelets, pumpkins, their own toys at garage sales, set up lemonade stands, hot cocoa and cookie stands, raked yards and collected pop cans. Several children have had their birthday parties and told guests that in lieu of gifts to donate to their friend Beau's park. They have inspired so many with their actions. On the days I would receive a "no" answer to a grant request or the days that $600,000 seemed so out of reach and I was discouraged, I would get another email or another message from a parent I didn't know telling me their child had collected money in one way or another and they wanted to donate it to the park.

So it seemed only fitting, that today, one day after an amazing #GivingTuesday that they would be the first to hear the remarkable news.

I am proud to announce, that as of yesterday, our tiny little non-profit, thanks to the generosity of so many of you, reached our Phase One Goal of $600,000!!!!

Let that sink in. I'm still letting it sink in.

We get to break ground on our park in the spring.

As a community we did this. There were doubters that some small, not well known non-profit called Beau's Beautiful Blessings could pull this off. We were just two moms with special needs kids that saw a need in our community. Nearly 3 years after we had this crazy idea, our park will start construction.

We still have to reach our one million dollar goal to fully complete the park, so this is not yet over. However we have gained so much momentum and traction that I have faith that Phase Two fundraising will be a lot easier than Phase One (or at least that's what I'm telling myself lol).

Never underestimate a mom on a mission.

Always have faith.

Beau never gives up, so neither will I.

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