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KWWL in Africa: Potential for Iowa Ag industry in Algeria

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Algeria has been looking at different Agriculture models to expand their own.

Their priority is the dairy industry. 

This is where Iowa comes into play. 

"Our local farmers can help with dairy and seeds and Agriculture, and to help them be able to produce what they want to do. They wanna be able to do this in about a five year span," said Josh Pope, Mayor of Elkader.

We visited a future dairy farm outside the city of Mascara, Elkader's sister city. There's no cattle yet, but the plans are big. 

Project managers said they will start with 6,000 dairy cattle. The ultimate goal to have 21,000 cows there. “I'm hoping (from) Iowa, because in Europe, the doesn't what we need,” said Brahim Meddad, project manager for Orus Agriculture, based in Algiers. 

The overall goal of the country is to stop relying on imported milk powder to produce their own. It's an ambitious goal, reports of bringing in 240,000 heads of dairy cattle over the next several years. 

But it’s not just about milk. 

During our visit to North Africa, we were also given a tour of an olive farm. It’s massive -- 2,200 hectares. That’s more than 5,000 acres. Lots extra virgin olive oil is produced there. 

It’s an example of what is possible with the technical equipment, and management systems provided by those with ag expertise. 

This could mean more business for Iowa’s Ag industry. It’s also one of the reasons some officials in Elkader have been stressing the importance of this.

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