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Marion firefighters receive Sullivan Brothers' Award of Valor

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Four firefighters received the state's Sullivan Brothers' Award of Valor this year. 

The award is given to police officers or firefighters who do something extraordinarily heroic. 

On December 8, 2016 the Marion Fire Department got a report of a semi roll-over along Highway 151 near Stone Road. 

They arrived to find the truck had gone into a nearby pond. 

Jeff Hoover, Peter Lammer, Zachary Bruce and Jeremy Smith put on ice water rescue suits to go after the driver trapped inside. 

The semi cab was almost completely submerged but they heard the driver screaming for help. 

"His voice through the whole time kept getting softer and softer, we kind of had to encourage him to you know stay with us we're getting close," says Bruce. 

He had his head just above water in an air pocket. 

The firefighters used an air chisel to cut open the cab. 

"When he was yelling back, you could hear the I want to say gurgling of the water so he was having a tough time staying above that air pocket," says Lammer. 

The rescue mission went on for 50 minutes. 
"We finally got a big enough hole, his hand just kind of came up above the water and everybody just kind of grabbed at it," Hoover told us. 

In addition to the firefighters Iowa State Trooper Dustin Henningsen received the Award of Valor this year after rescuing a driver from a burning vehicle. 

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