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Cedar Rapids man turns in murder suspect

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An arrest has been made in a shooting that killed a 33-year-old mother of three. 

Zackary Ildefonso is accused of shooting Heidi Stephens last Monday. 

He being charged with First Degree Murder. 

Bob Chittick of Cedar Rapids says Ildefonso showed up announced at his home on Thursday. 

Although the two have known each other as acquaintances for awhile, Chittick says he hadn't seen him for around two years. 

"He showed up on Thanksgiving night, you know I had food laid out and this and that, the man said he was hungry."

Chittick gave Ildefonso some food and let him stay for the night. 

It wasn't until the next day he says Ildefonso made a shocking confession. 

"He goes you know all about that drama,  that shooting on 15th and 2nd Avenue and I'm like you know you kind of look, but I'm like maybe I've been pretty busy, I might have caught it on the news but I haven't really caught it a lot," says Chittick. 

"He said Heidi and somebody that, that he, he shot em. I'm like huh what? What are you talking about," he added. 

That's when Chittick says he asked to see the gun. 

"He pulls it out and it looks like a 38 or a 357 revolver."

After eying the weapon Chittick says he snuck a phone call to police. 

 "I've got the shooter here, keeping him occupied," he says. 

In the meantime he kept Ildefonso busy doing chores alongside him until officers arrived. 

"Nodded and stood up and told Zack you know they're here for you," he told us. 

Ildefonso was arrested without incident. 

"You know there's been some negative feedback I'm not trying to get 15 seconds of fame or anything like that. I just did the right thing and just more people need to be able to do the right thing," Chittick says. 

He tells us he went to a memorial for Heidi on Sunday and was able to meet several of her family members. 


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