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Woman uses 'gift' of piano to spread hope

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Kylie DeWees has never taken a piano lesson. 

She writes her own songs but never physically writes down a note, in fact she can't even read music. 

But when a gunman took the lives of 20 elementary kids at Sandy Hook five years ago, she started to play.

"We got a piano two days prior so she had never played piano she doesn't even know how to read music and she's like we need to do something for the kids in Sandy Hook," says Lisa DeWees, Kylie's Mom. 

Kylie made an album and used the money from sales to buy an Angel of Hope statue which now sits outside of Xavier High School in Cedar Rapids. 

Angel of Hope statues are meant to help mourn the loss of a child. 

Every year on December 6th a prayer service is held at Angel of Hope statue sites around the world including the one at Xavier. 

"She's been blessed by God with a special gift, in that she's able to reach people musically," says Fr. David O'Conner, Pastor at St. Joseph Catholic Church.

"The best way I can explain it to someone is  like you see your favorite food and certain things look good to you. Certain things on the piano look good to me and other things don't," Kylie told us. 

She created a second album which is given out in Baskets of Hope to kids with cancer at the University of Iowa Hospital. 

A third album is in the works and that album will focus on mental health and benefit the psychiatric unit. 

One of her most recent songs called "Live the Love" was written after the Las Vegas massacre in October. 

Kylie expects the third album to come out sometime in the next year. 

Her music is available on Spotify, ITunes, Apple Music, Amazon and CD Baby. 

Those who wish to mourn the death of a loved one are welcome to gather at the Angel of Hope statue at Xavier High School on December 6th at 7 p.m.

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