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Dog with medical needs goes missing in Cedar Rapids; owner offers major reward

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Almost a month ago, a French Bulldog went missing in Cedar Rapids.  Any family who has experienced having a pet go missing knows the anguish this can cause. 

On October 26, 'Kerrigan' was allegedly taken near Jefferson High Schoool.  His owner, Buddy Lynch, explains:

"Kerrigan was on our back porch in the early afternoon on October 26. Kerrigan and 3 of our other dogs escaped. One of our neighbors called to inform us that our dogs must be loose because she saw one of them run past her house. My girlfriend was home and ran out to go collect them. She found three of them, the furthest being a mile away."

But Kerrigan was nowhere to be found, leading Lynch to believe someone picked him up. 

The reason the story about Kerrigan is so time-sensitive is because he has medical issues.  Kerrigan was rejected by his mom at two weeks of age, and has dealt with a variety of stomach, eye and ear issues after being malnourished.  Kerrigan needs special medication to help boost his immune system and to keep his GI tract functioning properly.  According to his Lynch, Kerrigan might have needed to see a veterinarian already or will certainly be needing to see a veterinarian.

But, of course, at the end of the day, what it really comes down to is love.  Kerrigan's family misses their dog.  So much so, Lynch is offering a $5,000 reward, no questions asked. The reward is large, but pales in comparison to how Kerrigan helped Lynch in his life.  Kerrigan helped draw Lynch out of depression after the sudden, dramatic loss of his first dog.

"He needed my full attention (because of his health issues), he gave me a new purpose. I will owe him forever," said Lynch. "I didn't save his life, he saved mine."

Lynch tells KWWL there was a glimmer of hope one week ago.  Lynch received a text on November 12 from someone who thinks they saw Kerrigan sitting in a car in the Dollar Tree parking lot on the southwest side of the city.

"He was spotted in a parked car a week ago. The person took notice because he was sitting behind the steering wheel. They thought he looked cute because it looked like he was driving the car. It wasn't until two days later that they came across one of his flyers," said Lynch.

A male, intact black brindle, Kerrigan has a thin white stripe of hair on his chest.  Kerrigan is also microchipped.  The number is 981 020 013 666 510.

319-212-8225 is the number anyone can call or text.  No questions asked, they can arrange for a place to drop-off Kerrigan so that he can be returned to Lynch and his family, and receive the medical attention he needs.

Lynch is hopeful the holiday season will bring out the best in everyone and, if someone has Kerrigan or knows where he is, they'll just bring him back and buy their own dog with the $5,000 reward money.

"We just need our baby back home. Please."

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