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Dubuque native talks to KWWL about role on NBC's "This Is Us"

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A new episode of NBC's "This is Us" airs later tonight.

It's a show many people have come to love. 

An eastern Iowa native has a special connection to the Pearson family on the show.

In Episode 5 of Season 2, we find out that Jack Pearson has a brother. In a scene, you see Jack Pearson look down at an old photo from the Vietnam War era. At first, you see Jack in the photo.

Next you see a man next to Jack, looking down. The man has a uniform with the last name "Pearson" on it.

Dubuque Native Mikhail Roberts confirms that he is the man playing Nicky Pearson in the photo. 

He says at first he didn't realize exactly who he would be playing. 

"When I got there I saw that my character actually had a name," Roberts said. "It said Nicky Pearson on the call sheet. And I said oh that's interesting. Then they got really meticulous about what I was wearing and how I was wearing it."

Roberts says they took hundreds of photographs of this one moment. "They tried it with a hat and with a helmet," he said.

KWWL asked Roberts about what it was like to work with Milo Ventimiglia, the actor who plays Jack Pearson. 

"He was cool. He asked everybody's name in the group. He's kind of a jokster and has a really infectious laugh," Roberts said. 

Roberts says those interested in acting or film, shouldn't be afraid to give it a shot. 

"Just because you're from the Midwest and you're not a fancy city-slicker, doesn't mean you can't do it. In fact it usually means you can because your priorities are aligned differently. You worship hard work, and you know that if there's a job that needs to get done, you're going to get it done," Roberts says. 

KWWL asked Roberts about whether or not he'd be playing Nicky Pearson in the future. He says he doesn't know if or when the producers of "This Is Us" will continue the characters story. He's also not sure if they would cast him.

He says if they give him the opportunity, he would absolutely take it. He can say that he will always be the first adult to play Nicky Pearson.  

If you'd like to follow this Iowa actor on Instagram, you can follow @mikhailroberts.

For his IMDb to see his past and present projects, click here

Roberts has been involved in a number of films and shows, including The Strivers, The Amateur, and This Is Normal. 

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