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Dubuque native has exciting opportunity in NBC's "This Is Us"

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Before you read this article, there are spoilers below if you are not caught up on NBC's "This Is Us." 

In Season 2, Episode 5, the show recently revealed that dad Jack Pearson, who is played by actor Milo Ventimiglia, has a brother. The brother's name is Nicky. 

Dubuque native Mikhail Roberts recently had an exciting opportunity portraying Nicky Pearson in a picture. 

In the scene, you see Jack Pearson look down at an old photo from the Vietnam War era. At first, you see Jack in the photo. Next you see a man next to Jack, looking down. The man has a uniform with the last name "Pearson," on it. Roberts confirms that he is the man playing Nicky Pearson in the photo. 

Roberts is a Dubuque Senior High School grad. He says this was a very exciting opportunity. 

Roberts says he knows that producers of "This Is Us" are interested in possibly revisiting the character of Nicky in the future. He does not know if he will be playing that role down the road.  

For now, he is very happy to have had this unique opportunity. He says the photograph was shot somewhere in California. 

To read more about Mikhail Roberts and his past experiences, you can find his IMDB bio here. 

It says that he is known for his work on The Amateur, This Is Normal, and Opus.  

To see the scene that Roberts was in, click here. 

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