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New faces on Waterloo's City Council

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Three new fresh faces to Waterloo's City Council all have the same agenda-move Waterloo forward. 

Two incumbents are out after Tuesday night's election. Two of three new members are female, shaking up a current all-male council. 

Sharon Juon beat incumbent Tom Lind for an at-large seat. 

The other incumbent who lost on Tuesday was Tom Powers. His challenger, Margaret Klein, won the race with 1,029.

Chris Shimp, another newcomer, won the Ward 5 election over Cody Leistikow 841-728.

Wednesday, the campaign signs came down, and the new council members are ready to get to work. 

"48 votes-I'll never forget that number," said Klein.

Klein lost by 48 votes to Tom Powers in July's special election to fill Ward 1. This time around, Klein won by 49 votes-and she's not wasting any time-diving right in to the biggest concern she's heard from voters: lowering taxes.

"I spoke to the realtors and asked if I could meet with them," said Klein. "Sent them an email last night saying, let's get together, let's talk about it, you're on the front lines."

The other two candidates also weighed in on how to answers voters biggest question: "How can we lower taxes?"

"I think we need to take a long hard look at the budget," said Shimp. "And we need to work very hard at economic development as well. "

"I don't think people want their services cut, so in order to reduce the taxes without cutting services, you've got to grow the base," said Juon. 

All three are coming in with different approaches and fresh perspectives.

KWWL asked each one if they align themselves with any other members of the council.

"I align with the citizens of Ward 5," said Shimp. "You know I think the big thing is we need to realize we are all Waterloo citizens and we need to show each other some civility, and I'm going to work really hard at doing that."

"No, I'm an independent girl, going right down the middle," said Klein. "I'm going to listen to everybody and hope that they line up."

"With the citizens of Waterloo," said Juon. "You know what they need and what we all need is for our city to get a better image. I think maybe I'm going to-hopefully along with the Mayor try to bring both sides together so that we can work for a joint agenda."

Waterloo Mayor Quentin Hart ran unopposed for a second term as Mayor

"New council people bring new opportunities and new ideas," said Hart. "I'm looking forward to working together to move the City of Waterloo forward."

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