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Tama County Auditor: Every vote counts

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Voters decide the future of government, but they also decide who will provide gas service in one eastern Iowa community.

Traer voters were asked for the third time, 'Should the city set up their own gas utility by buying what Alliant Energy owns and operates right now?'

The vote is too close to call with 267 voters supporting the move with 260 against.

The problem is that at least nine votes still have to be counted.

Five of those ballots are provisional, which means five people registered on Election Day or moved, and county leaders need to make sure they aren't convicted felons with the state.

Four more ballots are also absentee, and they need to be mailed to the Tama County Courthouse this week.

Election signs are still posted in yards to remind people of this week's close race.

At last check, seven more people are in favor of Traer Municipal Utilities or TMU taking over gas service in town, by pushing out Alliant Energy.

Tama County Auditor, Laura Kopsa said she was shocked to learn the race was too close to call.

"Oh my gosh, yeah. I was like, we need to make sure we dot all our Is and cross all our Ts, but we can do it. We've dealt with it, not very often, but the Secretary of State has been good about walking us through everything and making sure we're doing it correctly," Kopsa said.

Kopsa said this is a prime example why every vote counts.

"It does matter, because look how close this is, and this is a big decision for the city of Traer. So, your vote does matter. So, please go out and vote," Kopsa said.

The Tama County auditor says it's too soon to tell whether the city of Traer will be able to establish a municipal gas utility.

Once all the votes are in and accounted for, a decision should be released next Tuesday.

"About 9 or 10 on Tuesday morning. The board of supervisors will canvas it at 8, and we have 12 sites to canvas. So, we should be done by 9. We'll say 9 or 10 to give us a little leeway."

Provisional ballots will be reviewed Tuesday by the board.

Absentee ballots need to be postmarked by Monday and in their office by Friday at noon.

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