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Tuesday election could be last before ID's are required

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Unless there are runoff elections to follow, this will be the last election day before voters are required to show an ID at the polls. 

Ahmed Azmeh voted for the first time in Cedar Rapids this morning. 

 "It feels like my voice matters now," he says. 

For Mary High voting has been a regular occurrence for many years. 

"I figure if I do not put forth the effort to vote then I have no reason to complain," she tells us. 

No matter how much experience voters have at the polls, come January there will be a change in the requirements for everyone. 

Starting January 1, 2018 voters will be required to show an ID. 

There are various forms of identification that will count such as drivers licenses, military IDs, veteran IDs and even college student ID cards if they include a photo and an expiration date. 

For those who register to vote and do not have an ID from the Iowa Department of Transportation, a Voter ID Card will be mailed to them for free. 

Election worker David Sjullie says some have already taken the initiative this election. 
"You know we tell them that they don't have to present the ID yet and their response is practicing for next year," he says. 

"I had my credentials with me today in case I needed them," High told us. 

Voters we spoke with weren't concerned about the extra effort being made to make sure voters are who they say they are. 
   "I don't think it'll take much more time than it did this was really simple, I walked in, gave them my name and birthday, signed my name, voted and left," says Azmeh. 

Voters who cannot fulfill the requirements will be able to fill out a provisional ballet and they will be given information on what they need to do in order to get their vote to count. 

Since the law goes into effect next year it will be something voters need to be prepared for as they vote for governor almost exactly a year from now. 

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