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14 people displaced after apartment fire

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Two people have been released from hospital after they were rescued from a burning apartment building. The fire sparked at a Marion apartment building in the 100 block of Southview Drive around 6:00 a.m. yesterday.

The apartment building's property manager Lorrie Sprague says 14 people are without a home tonight, two of which were rescued from the burning building.

"The door had to be kicked down and he had to be pulled out," said Sprague, describing one of two rescues.

Fire crews rescued one victim from the second floor and another victim from a third story window. Neighbor Kumeko Ellis says he got a scary wake up call yesterday morning from his neighbors asking for help.

"Some people came and knocked on my door, my friends from over there, and they were hysterical saying, 'help, help, help' and I am like, 'calm down, calm down, help what?' And they told me to look outside," said Ellis, Marion. "I looked and saw the flames coming from the second floor."

Ellis jumped in to try and help his neighbors.

"I told people to start picking up pebbles and to chuck them at the third floor window to wake people up," said Ellis.

Other neighbors who live in the apartments nearby say they didn't hear or see anything, but the people who did say they can't get what they saw out of their minds.

"You could see the flames touching the ceiling, coming directly from the stove," said Ellis.

The fire forced a dozen people from their homes and it's something that hits the property manager hard.

"Being here several years, you really get to know the people and you hate to see something like this happen to them and have to go through this, it was really scary," said Sprague.

Ellis says he is grateful he could help, but says he can't imagine what could have happened.

"It was bad, it seemed like everybody was asleep and no body was up," said Ellis. "If we were not there to to make that noise and chuck those pebbles, ain't no telling what would happen."

Sprague says the building still does not have any electric or water, but she says she is hopeful to have some people moved back in by the end of the week. The apartment the fire started in has the most damage, while the other rooms are suffering from smoke damage.

Right now the cause is still unknown, but the property manager says it possibly started near the oven.

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