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'He will really be missed': Neighbors heartbroken after Buchanan County man murdered in home

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UPDATE: A young boy's father is dead while his mother is behind bars, it's a case that has completely devastated a Buchanan County neighborhood.

Jason Hunziker has lived in his Buchanan County home for years. 

Neighbor Dixie Eschweiler says, "I'm heartsick over this; I cant get it out of my head."

Longtime neighbor Alice Billingsley says, "It's just hard to believe that something like this would happen so close to home and to someone you know so well. We talked all the time."

Billingsley says he often brought up his rocky relationship with his ex-wife Hillary, who lives less than 5 miles down the road from him. The criminal complaint says she admitted to breaking in Jason's home and stabbing him.

"She would never leave him alone. She just seemed to come in and bother him," Billingsley says.

The two had one child together, a young boy. Neighbors describe Jason as a hard-worker and a loving father. 

"Jason was a great father. He would ride 4 wheelers with him (his son) and take him in the tractor with him. He will be missed really bad," Billingsley says.

Jason also has an 18-year-old son who recently graduated high school. We are told he is also having a very hard time grasping everything. 

Jason's visitation and funeral have been set for next week. 


A woman has been charged with murdering her ex-husband in Buchanan County.

Court records show a child first called 911 at 4:30 this morning saying, "My mom just stabbed my dad."

Rescue crews then went to 1933 Henley Avenue in Independence.

Before they got there, the Buchanan County Communication Center got a second call from Jason Hunziker.

Investigators say Hunziker told an emergency dispatcher, "My wife just stabbed me and took my child."

Court records show Hunziker was once married to Hillary Hunziker.

When deputies got to the home, they found Jason Hunziker's body in a bedroom. He had been stabbed in the arm and calf.

They later found Hillary Hunziker, her car and a child in Robins. Investigators say Hunziker and the child were both covered in blood.

They say they also found a knife and claim Hunziker admitted stabbing the victim.

They also say she later told ambulance crews she bought the knife before sneaking into the victim's home.

Investigators also say Hunziker gave her mother instructions about where to take the child if something were to happen to her or Jason Hunziker.

They say when her mother later questioned her about what she had done, Hunziker responded with the word, "artery."

Hunziker is currently being held at the Buchanan County Jail.

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