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Zebra Owner: He wanted to hurt me, I guess he did

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Last month, an Oelwein man celebrated a birthday he says he will never forget. Mike Henninger says he woke up on his birthday to see that someone shot and killed his beloved zebra.

The zebra's death coming after Henninger received multiple threats via text message. At first Henninger says the threats were directed toward he and his family, but soon the man started targeting his pets. Though Henninger says he did not see the man shoot his zebra, he says he knows who did it.

Henninger says the shooter sent him a video earlier last month showing him shooting a stuffed animal zebra. In the video you can hear the man say, "I am going to name him Fonzie." Henninger says he named his first zebra Fonzie.

"This is the one the guy intended to kill," said Henninger pointing to Fonzie. "But he got the other stud."

The shooter killed Tazz, Henninger's second male zebra. Henninger says he found him dead on Halloween morning, on his birthday.

"He was shot in the gut area," said Henninger. "He went in the barn and died and you can see he struggled in there, a gut shot is kind of a painful death."

Henninger says he has been getting threats for about a year, but he never thought something like this would happen.

"It was pretty much indescribable," said Henninger. "Besides being just live stock they mean a lot to me, but you know this guy said he wanted to hurt me and I guess he did."

Though Henninger says he knows who did this, he still wants justice for Tazz.

"Animals are going to die, but you want them to die of natural causes and that's still gonna be hard," said Henninger  "It's just really hard when someone does something illegal to do it and gets away with it."

Henninger says he is grateful the rest of his animals are all right and he is hopeful people continue to come see the zebras.

"I hope people still keep coming out and enjoy them as much as I do...cause I do," said Henninger.

Henninger says he's reported what happened to Tazz to police. The Buchanan County Sheriff's Office says they are aware a zebra died and it is under investigation.

Henninger says he has surveillance cameras on his farm, but says he couldn't see the person who shot Tazz. If you have any information about the shooting please call police.

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