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Stickers placed downtown meant to cause a stir

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Stickers that were put all around an area downtown were meant to cause a stir, but many are shrugging them off.

"It's Okay To Be White."  That's what the stickers say that have been found all across downtown Iowa City. Some of them are placed in obscure locations, while others are right out in the open. It's a faceless message that people are left to interpret themselves.

"It's kind of weird that nobody has taken responsibility for it, but pretty sure it's always been okay to be white," Callen McCarty, an University of Iowa student, said.

Kaycee Davis, also an UI student, said she thought the message was in response to the Black Power movement.

"A lot of people thinking that it's mostly subjected to a particular race instead of why a lot of people have been undermined for many years, and I think this is just showing that another race kind of wants to be shown and heard, too," Davis said.

It's unknown who put up the stickers, but the idea behind it has come to light after a forum post on the website "4chan" was uncovered created by an unknown person or group. The post can be found under the site's "politically incorrect" tab, which outlines the plan step-by-step and provides a template for the posters and stickers to be printed. According to the coordinated effort, it wanted people to react emotionally in order to create a divide. 

Justin Comer, of Coralville, found the stickers when he was hanging up posters for a Friday night concert he was hosting. He said, at first, it caught him off guard before learning the meaning behind it.

"The intention is to have people, like, get really angry and sort of overreact to seeing those and using that overreaction as a way to gain sympathy for white nationalist causes and such, so I feel it's important to get rid of it," Comer said.

The final step of the plan was to ruin credibility, writing "[a] massive victory for the right in the culture war, many more /ourguys/ spawned overnight."

The stickers were likely put up sometime Halloween night. According to the forum post, people were directed to do it that night while wearing costumes to keep their identities hidden, and to target college campuses. Iowa City wasn't the only place the stickers have turned up. There are reports of this happening at high school and college campuses all across the country.

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