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Iowa Supreme Court Justice visits Columbus high school

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Students at Columbus high school received a rare lesson on government Friday, when Iowa Supreme Court Justice Bruce Zager made a visit to the school. 

Waterloo Columbus High School teacher Charles Heuer says the visit gives a different approach to teaching his senior government students about the legal system. 

"We were looking for practical advice in the real world or real careers that he can give our students, that's not just what part of the constitution did this come from," said Heuer. 

Justice Zager, is no stranger to Waterloo, he graduated from West High School. Students had the opportunity to hear about Justice Zager's experience, and pick his brain on the journey to his esteemed position. 

"After a couple of failed attempts of rejection, which is all part of this whole process, Governor Vilsack did appoint me as the District Court Judge in the first Judicial district," said Justice Zager. 

Leaving no question off limits, Justice Zager touched on everything from the impact of social media accounts to how students can prepare for a career in law. But, he didn't go without a little humor. 

"If you have the facts, pound the facts," said Justice Zager. "If you have the law on your side, you want to pound the law. If you don't have either one of these you want to pound the table. Okay?"

Justice Zager revealed there are plenty of challenging moments on the job, but it is a rewarding career. 

"You're not there to make results, you're there to do justice," said Justice Zager.

Answering questions from students and teachers, all in an effort to give students a better understanding of what they do-beyond the textbook. 

"Let people know who we are, that we are accessible." said Justice Zager. "Hopefully they get a better feel for our process, what goes into our decision making. And even if they don't agree they can at least respect the process and respect the decision."

Justice Zager advised students who want to pursue a future career in law, to hone in on their research and writing skills. His term ends in 2020. 

Justice Waterman visited Waterloo West High School, and Justice Wiggins also visited Union High School.

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