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Students use step dancing to learn life lessons

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Dancing is something a Waterloo man says saved his life. Marshall Frazier credits step dancing for helping him change his life and now he's trying to inspire kids with the dance. Frazier says there was a point in college where he just gave up, ending the first semester with a 1.0 GPA, but it was after finding step dancing that everything changed.

In between the steps, there's a lesson to be learned about teamwork, something Irving Elementary students learned on the first day of their step team practice.

"This isn't about you, it's about the whole team so if you want to be a one man show this isn't for you," said Julius Jones, 5th Grade.

Frazier is teaching the kids to dance, but also about teamwork, focus and drive.

"Even though they may have bad backgrounds, they might have bad households, they might have bad situations it's shows that despite all those things...this is what they are capable of doing," said Frazier.

In just two weeks, Irving's step team, The Falcon Steppers, learned the message behind the dance.

"Stepping teaches us about discipline because you have to make sure you're doing it together, you have to make sure you're working together and you're not thinking about yourself," said Frazier.

"If we are doing it solo it's going to sound weird, let's say we were doing the thing we just did, step, and the person is off, it's not gonna sound right," said Macaela Macias, 5th Grade.

And one step at a time the students are learning about themselves.

"I want us to be able to come together as one whole team and show other people that it's just not all about yourself it's about the people who you work with," said Kelis Lashley, 5th Grade.

Kelis says the step team is very important to her because she wants to go to Harvard and this is the beginning of her getting there.

The kids have only been stepping for two weeks and they practice twice a week after school.

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