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Abandoned dog dies after taken to rescue shelter

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An abandoned dog who was picked up earlier last month while wandering around a Oelwein neighborhood has died. Neighbors saw the rail thin and starving dog seeking shelter under the stairs of an abandoned home and brought her into their home to try and care for her.

The family soon realized the Shar Pei was very sick and reached out to Last Hope Animal Rescue in Cedar Rapids for help. The rescue named the dog Eve, after the night she was found, the night before Halloween. Eve was taken to the vet where they learned her organs were starting to shut down. Normally an adult Shar Pei should weigh 40-55 pounds, but Eve weighted in at 21 pounds when neighbors found her. 

Last Hope says it's possible Eve was dumped by an owner that learned she was sick and chose not to care for her. She had likely wandered for some time, starving and cold. Her eyes were nearly matted shut from entropion, and an ulcer had formed on one eye, blurring her vision.

After some care, 24 hours after intake on Halloween night, the difficult decision to let Eve go was made. She was not passing urine and her body was accumulating waste, her vital signs were diminishing and she was starting to further shut down.

Last Hope says Eve died surrounded by new friends who held and comforted her. The organization is hoping Eve's story will entice people to start adopting from local rescue groups.

To learn more about Last Hope or your local rescue groups CLICK HERE.

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