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Grandson helps 93-year-old farmer back on the field

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Iowan's are hard-working, there's no question about it. Norman Johnson, 93, from Le Grand is living proof-you can't keep him off the family farm. 

A video of Johnson using a forklift to get on a combine, has gone viral.

 "I said, you know, I think if we got the forklift out, we could put him in the basket and lift him up into the combine, so he can ride here on the home farm," said Taylor Johnson. 

The video, which was posted to Facebook by Johnson's grandson Taylor, spread quickly. 

"I told him about the hundreds of thousands of people that are watching the video-and he laughed," said Taylor Johnson. "He couldn't believe that many people wanted to see him getting in a combine to ride."

With a little ingenuity, Taylor got his grandpa back on the combine. The video shows Taylor riding in a forklift with his grandpa, and later helping him step-by-step to get into the combine. 

"I've been farming all my life," said Norman Johnson. 

Life has slowed him down a bit, but definitely not enough to keep him off the field. Johnson still lives on the very farm he was born and raised, but his hard-working days as a farmer are slipping. 

"It means a lot," said Taylor Johnson. "It's my favorite day of the year when he comes out and rides."

Moments like this are cherished in the Johnson home. Norman, who is aging, also has dementia. But if you ask him to recount the life he's lived as a farmer, he'll tell you in the simplest of ways. 

"Yeah, it's been a good life for me," said Norman Johnson. "Real good."

And he's not afraid to tell you, his love for the land is three generations strong. 

"This farm right here-I'm so proud of the people who farm it, because they know exactly how to farm," said Norman Johnson. 

Norman has been farming since the 1950s when he returned from the Navy-to his son Steve, and then to his grandsons Taylor and Zack. 

The only thing Norman has loved more than his land, is his late wife Charlotte. 

"She was the only young lady that I ever wanted to know," said Norman Johnson. "We both loved each other real real much."

As each season passes, the moments fade a little for Norman. Sitting inside his home, with his grandchildren surrounded by him, he shares the stories he's told them countless of times.

"Yeah..boy you guys have a good memory," said Norman Johnson. 

And when his memory slips, they are all there, right by his side, to remind him. 

"You forgot the most important part of the story!" said Taylor Johnson. "You climbed up to the top of the silo and instead of pulling it up-you jumped off the silo, the 60 foot silo."

But make no mistake, Johnson is still as sharp as ever. Because if you ask him who is favorite grandchild is, he knows exactly how to respond. 

"Oh I'm not going to tell that," said Norman Johnson while laughing. 

Johnson will turn 94 in February. 

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