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Preview of Dubuque's mayoral race

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When voters in Iowa's Key City head to the polls Tuesday, they'll see only one name on the ballot, but they'll have two men to choose from.

Current Mayor Roy Buol is seeking his fourth term, and would become the city's longest serving mayor.

His challenger is council member Jake Rios, who is running as a write-in candidate after missing the filing deadline.

Among many issues worrying voters, crime is a big one.  Dubuque's camera system has largely been touted as a solution.

"Those, I think have been very helpful for us solving crimes. When it comes to violent crimes, which is a very small majority of the crime that happens in Dubuque, we actually close over 83 percent of those cases. And I believe the national average is 44, 45 percent," said Buol.

Rios thinks more should be done.

"Cameras and everything else are great. But the long term solution isn't going to be cameras, it's going to be preventing crime in the first place. Cause those cameras cost more  money that probably a program that would actually prevent a young man or young woman from committing a crime," Rios said.

Rios also says more needs to be done to address Dubuque's 14 percent poverty rate.  He says the answer is more educational partnerships.

"Partnering with educational institutions in town or around our town, and providing those educational institutes with the same incentives that we provide to businesses, because in the long run, I think that helps more," said Rios.

But Buol says those partnerships are already happening.

"We're really putting the resources into addressing those issues, creating programs for citizens, those that are of lesser means, that not only help them gain," Buol said.

Buol prides himself and his time in office on their push around a sustainability-centered approach.  He says it's made a big difference in the city since he took office.

"That has really, I think, changed the way Dubuque looks at itself. It's helped us attract a lot of people to jobs we've been creating. Really changed the whole landscape of our community," Buol said.

But Rios says more money should be focused on issues that more directly impact the lives of Dubuque citizens.

"Crime, for instance, deals directly with poverty. Those in poverty, have a greater chance of witnessing or being part of a violent crime. So, that to me is a problem, more so than some of the other initiatives that have been pushed in the past 10 years." not only job skills, but better employment," Rios said.

The election is Tuesday.

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