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Surprise homecoming sweetened with surprise game day proposal

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A surprise homecoming and marriage proposal during an Iowa football game at Kinnick Stadium is getting the attention of thousands.

Caught on video, Army 2nd Lieutenant Isaac Anderson popped the question to his girlfriend, Grace Schebler, a member of the Hawkeye Marching Band, during the second quarter of Saturday's game against Minnesota.

Anderson was the band's drum major from 2014 to 2017 before having to leave mid-season this year to report for active duty. At that time, he already knew he wanted to propose to Schebler and, thus, the planning began.

The pair had met in band back in high school at Davenport Central where they both played trombone and have been dating ever since, before both going to the University of Iowa where the band tradition continued. It was only fitting that band would be incorporated into the proposal, too. Anderson worked with the band and marketing department to plan the special moment.

Leading up to it, Schebler had no reason to think the game would be different from any other.

"It was really cold and I wasn't thinking about 'oh, I should look cute today.' I was just trying to get through the game," Schebler said.

Once the timeout was called, Anderson ran down the steps of Kinnick for the surprise homecoming.  Anderson has spent the last month at Fort Benning in Georgia, where he's undergoing officer training.

"I kept saying 'you're here! you're here!'  Like, I couldn't believe that he was here. It had only been a month, but it felt a lot longer than that," Schebler said.

The reunion was followed by an even bigger surprise with Anderson dropping to one knee, all while the band played "Hey Baby" by Bruce Channel. 

"I always knew that I kind of wanted it to be "Hey Baby." I used to conduct that when I was drum major at Iowa," Anderson said.

Anderson said he doesn't remember exactly what he said to Schebler in that moment.  But it isn't likely it could be heard with the cheers of the band surrounding them.

"I could not hear anything he said. I have no idea what he said, but I said yes," Schebler exclaimed.

The moment was not only captured on camera, but on the jumbo-tron to all of the stadium, in a moment Schebler describes as "perfect."

"To have it at Kinnick and in front of the band. Band has been such a huge part of our lives. It was where we met," she said.  "So, to have it happen with the band is, just, it really couldn't have happened any other way."

The reunion was short but sweet. Anderson had to leave the next day to go back to Georgia, where he'll be for up to six months to a year before getting a base assignment.

The two of them said it's exciting to see so many people's reaction online to the video of the proposal that has since gone viral. It's a moment they get to now relive forever.

"When it was happening, I was just kind of stuck in a bubble, and I think she was probably the same way. It was loud, but it was just kind of white noise. We didn't really know what was going on around us. It really felt like it was just me and her for a second," Anderson said.

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