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KWWL sits down with Cedar Rapids mayoral candidates part two

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KWWL has interviewed all eight of the candidates for Cedar Rapids mayor. 

The next mayor will replace Ron Corbett with is running for governor. 

On Tuesday we spoke with Brad Hart, Gary Hinzman, Scott E. Olson and Jorel Robinson; you can read that story here:

Today we spoke with the remaining four candidates including Monica Vernon, Kris Gulick, Lemi Tilahun and Tim Pridegon. 

With eight candidates there is a lot of variety for voters from youth like Lemi Tilahun who is the youngest candidate at 27-years-old. 

"I'm hoping to be a trailblazer to inspire you know my peers and challenge them also to step up and you know help decide what goes on in the city," Tilahun says. 

Meanwhile some candidates are already on the city council, Kris Gulick has been for more than a decade. 

"I just really feel like I'm the best prepared candidate from all the years experience that I've had," Gulick says. 

There is also variety when it comes to where the candidates stand on controversial issues like speed cameras. 

"I have always been for the cameras, I feel like if you do the crime, you pay the fine," says Monica Vernon. 

"Right now, they are going through legal, the question are they legal are they not legal so surely not something that we need," Tilahun told us. 

"I suggested that we lower the speed limit to 45 miles per hour but that was not allowed by the DOT that was really my original solution to try and slow down traffic," says Gulick. 

The possibility of a casino coming to the city is also a hot topic. 

"Yes it brings jobs however they may not be quality jobs and people may get addicted and if they get addicted that causes harm within the family and that's not what we need," says Tim Pridegon.

"One of the things I really don't like is when a commission out of Des Moines tells Cedar Rapids what we can do, you know this affects our economic livelihood," Vernon told us. 

"I personally don't believe a casino is going to add or enhance the city's future in any way," says Tilahun. 

It's also impossible to forget flood protection, even nine years after the horrors of 2008. 

"I think were gonna have to look at maybe a public, private partnership type of operations to be able to get it financed and built and those are working in other places in the country," Gulick says. 

"I really admire Mayor Corbett and our city council, they way that they're handing it now," Pridegon told us. 

"No mayor is going to be able to protect anyone from a flood you know a flood is gonna happen, it's gonna happen. What we really need to look at is can we be prepared can we have a plan in place that we can execute when floods do come around," says Tilahun. 

"One of the last things I want is to saddle Cedar Rapids citizens with all of the money for this you know we've paid our federal taxes for a very long time here and this was our great time of need and I think a promise is a promise and I'd like to see them keep it," Vernon says. 

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