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More street cameras in Dubuque

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In recent years, the city of Dubuque has expanded its surveillance network tremendously. There are nearly 1,000 street cameras, and even more are on the way.

This time, on the west-end of town.

"Gradually we're trying to expand our coverage out to the west-end, "said Lt. Scott Baxter of the Dubuque Police Department. "We already have significant coverage out there especially through the traffic cameras."

On the east side, intersections along Washington Street, the clusters of cameras are noticeable. Lt. Baxter said it's for safety. "We want to deter crime as well, but even after the crimes have occurred these cameras have proven invaluable to us on multiple, multiple major cases."

The department however, does not keep track of how many crimes have been solved with street cameras. Lt. Baxter said they help further investigations, but don't actually solve the cases. 

The cameras also help when it comes to monitoring traffic. With so many cars coming and going on the west-end, some business owners nearby view this as a good thing.

"We have a pretty crowded, congested, intersection in this area, right on Highway 20, Cedar Cross Road, JFK. There's a lot of traffic, so I don't see it to be bad thing to have the extra surveillance," said Pam Lewey, general manager of the Bike Shack.

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