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Deer flips over car, crashes through backseat window

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An area woman picked up an unwanted passenger when she hit a 10 point deer earlier this month. Ashley Ellis of Sumner hit the buck on Horton Road in Waverly in early October. The deer flipped over her car and landed right in her back seat.

"I was coming down the road...I had looked at my speedometer and looked back up and there were three deer," said Ellis. "I slammed on my brakes and I couldn't avoid them so the one hit my windshield."

Ellis says this accident could have been a lot worse. She says when the deer went through the back windshield it landed on her four-year-old son's car seat.

"That's what I think impacted me the most, is that this could have been a completely different story if he would have been in the car," said Ellis. "It probably would have killed him." 

At first Ellis says she thought she got rear-ended. 

"I heard the hood and then I heard the crack of the windshield and then it went over the car and then since it was raining it hit my trunk and then flew back in the seat," described Ellis.

When she got out of the car to look at the damage she could not believe a 10 point buck was perched in her back seat.

"I was shaking...I mean 'oh my God, oh my God, oh my God,' was pretty much the words that were coming out of my mouth...this just happened," said Ellis. "Then it just sat there like it was kind of laughing at me and joking."

Ellis is urging drivers to be on alert, so this doesn't happen to them.

"It makes me very thankful that I am still alive because it could have been a lot worse...that my son is still alive and that no one else was hurt any worse," said Ellis.

The Iowa DOT is reminding drivers that deer rutting season starts in November, so deer are more active and less cautious. Also deer are more active during harvest and hunting season so it's important to be very cautious around recently harvested corn fields, woods and water. Last year the DOT reported more than 7,000 crashes involving animals, three of them ending in a death. The DOT says since September this year there's been nearly 600 crashes involving animals, most if not all deer. 

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