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Oelwein cafe sees third crash into building

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The Country Cottage Cafe in Oelwein is back open after a car crashed into the restaurant around 10 a.m.Tuesday. 

Cafe owner, Diane Stone, says nobody was injured. 

The restaurant reopened at 6 a.m. Wednesday morning.

This marks the third time a car has crashed into the store. In March 2016, a driver crashed into the restaurant injuring three people. 

Employee Travis Johnson was in the kitchen when he heard the crash. 

"Here we go again," said Johnson.  "I was in the back doing some order forms and it sounded like somebody dropped a big tub full of dishes. Then I heard a squealing and after that I already knew what it was, because it happened before."

Johnson was also working at the restaurant during the second crash back in March. Both employees like Johnson, and even customers weren't too taken back by the news. Customer Doris Macke says she got wind of the news on Facebook. 

 "I looked at the picture and I thought to myself...again?" said Macke. "Haha seems like it happens every year."

 Owner Diane Stone was spending her day off at home, when she got a call from Johnson.

"I got a phone call from Travis and he hardly ever calls me on my day off so-they know to kind of leave me alone,"said Stone. "When my phone rang I was like uh-oh, what's wrong?"

Stone came into work that morning to see the damage.

 "My first initial reaction was like oh my goodness-there was debris everywhere, insulation was everywhere, broken glass everywhere," said Stone. 

However, Stone and her employees didn't waste any time. In less than 24 hours-they had the restaurant back open and serving up the goods. 

"You know we would not be open today if it wasn't for all the employees coming in, pitching in," said Stone. "They cleaned the whole place top to bottom in four hours."

Stone says the three crashes all seem to follow a same pattern.

"I don't know-they're all accidents," said Stone. "Just accidentally hitting the gas pedal instead of the brake."

Stone says the driver in this incident is a regular, who comes in every single day. They don't plan on pressing charges, but they do have plans to make some changes in their parking lot. 

"We're already in the process of getting quotes to getting some cement poles put in-some different ideas," said Stone.

Stone estimates the damage to be several thousand dollars. In the meantime, customers aren't shying away-just being a little more cautious.

"Look to see who's coming, and driving haha," said Macke. 

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