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New Dubuque support group helping mothers adjust to new life

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A newer support group in Dubuque is helping mothers both new and old adjust to life after having a baby.

Finley Hospital started a postpartum adjustment group in Dubuque about a year ago--something, they say, didn't exist in the area before then.

Kelsey Goedert is one of the new moms that has used the group.  She had her son Carson eight months ago, and has faced some struggles since then.

"I personally was so used to working out prior to the baby and feeling confident in my body and myself, that that was a huge adjustment after having a baby, not getting that back," she said.

But in her struggles, she found this group, and it helped her transform her thinking.

"Other moms taught me or shared with me their stories about how they embraced their new mom body and how he's only eight months and that maybe I'm being too hard on myself and take one day at a time, and eat what I can. Just all these different strategies to help me slow down and be okay with the new me," she said.

Rebecca Richardson, director of the family birthing suites at Finley, says reaching out can be tough, but this group provides a great space for it.

"Often times women are very hesitant about reaching out for help when they're struggling in the postpartum period. They're afraid about being judged, they don't want to be looked at as a bad mother, and it's a great safe space for help," Richardson said.

Now Kelsey says her journey as a mom has become a little bit easier, with the help of other mothers going through the same things.

"It's okay, it's okay that this is hard. That's normal. These things are okay that you're feeling. There's days you don't want to this, and you cry and it's all normal. And to know your hormones are doing all these crazy things and it's normal, it was just like, 'okay, I can accept this,'" she said.

The group meets the third Thursday of every month at the Delhi Medical Center Conference Room (3rd floor, adjacent to Finley) from 5:30-7 p.m.

It's open to any mom and no registration is required. For more info, call 563-589-2661.

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