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Grandmother outsmarts scammer asking for bail money

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An area grandmother received a strange phone call this week from a man claiming to be her grandson begging for money to get out of jail. Turns out, it was all a scam.

It took Janet Beal less than a minute to realize her grandson was not on the phone, but she says she listened to his story anyway.

"He said, 'I need your help,' and I said, 'which grandson are you?' And he says, 'your oldest'," explained Beal, Washburn. 

The man would not give her his name. He then started to ask for bail money, pleading his "grandmother" to send him more than $2,800.

"He says, 'we were at a wedding and we drank too much and we got into an accident and I broke my nose and since I was driving the police arrested me and I am in a holding cell...I am going to see the judge in an hour and I need you to bail me out'," said Beal.

The man told Beal he had a bad cold and a broken nose, which is why she wouldn't recognize his voice. Beal then handed her husband the phone.

"He needed to be bailed out for nearly $2,800 and he needed it within the hour because he was going to go see the judge so my husband just told him, 'well, you're SOL'," said Beal.

Beal says to some this call could be believable, but she warns people to just hang up.

"They might believe it...don't fall for it!" said Beal.

Beal asked the caller where he was and what his name was, but he would not give her a direct answer.

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