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Community rallies to give man new bike

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Chances are, if you've been to Waverly, you've seen 53-year-old Shelly Steere cruising around town in his bike.

Cruising, as in, riding his trike. But last July, his bike was stolen. 

His older brother, Shawn Steere says his bike is not just his primary mode of transportation, but also part of his independence. 

"Everybody in Waverly knows him," said Shawn. "He's got little routes that he takes and checks up on people while they're working on their garden or yard. One day I came over and he said his bike was gone, and it was stolen."

And soon word traveled fast around Waverly. The wheels started turnings, and those who knew Shelly's familiar face decided to create a GoFundMe to buy Shelly a brand new bike. 

People in Waverly, and even strangers across Eastern Iowa raised more than $500. Shelly and his family were presented with a gift card to Bike Tech, so he could pick out his own special bike. And, Shelly knew exactly what he wanted. 

"I like three wheels better than two wheels," said Shelly. 

Shelly picked out a brand new red trike. 

James Thilges from Bike Tech in Cedar Falls helped Shelly deck out his new ride, making sure it'd be smooth sailing. 

"It was a lot of fun," said Thilges. "We see lots of different people around here all the time, people get there bikes stolen a lot. But to have the community come together and help him out-that's great."

There's no denying his wheels are a familiar sight around Waverly. Shelly will tell you it's not about how fast you go, and it's not about ho far you go. His older brother Shawn, will tell you it's all about enjoying the ride. 

Shawn says Shell has been battling lung disease, which has taken a toll on his brother. 

"You're seeing him less and less on his bike, because he just doesn't have the stamina or strength," said Shawn. "But he still likes to sit on it occasionally."

And time, and time again, Shelly has proved nothing will ever take him off his bike.

"I remember when I was 7 or 8 years old one of the doctors had mentioned that he probably wouldn't live to be sixteen, but we celebrated his 53rd birthday-so he's beaten the odds there," said Shawn Steere. 

Shelly continues to beat those odds, with a whole new set of wheels. 

When he's not riding his bike, Shelly is working at Trinkets and Togs in Waverly. 

His niece has started a YouTube channel with Shelly, called "Breakfast with Shelly" documenting his everyday, and his occasional adventures. To watch the full video of Shelly getting his new bike, watch this video

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