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"We do things the right way": Iowa's McCaffery on FBI investigation into college basketball

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An ongoing federal investigation into fraud and corruption in college basketball has resulted in 10 people being charged, including four coaches.

In criminal complaints, authorities said agents and financial advisers paid bribes to assistant coaches to get them to introduce them to star college players and their parents before the students turned professional.  Authorities said the coaches received thousands of dollars in exchange.

Iowa Men's Basketball Coach Fran McCaffery took to the podium on Monday for the team's media day moments, after reports of Louisville firing head coach Rick Pitino began to surface. Louisville's men's basketball team is one of the programs currently under investigation, though no charges have yet to be made against anyone.

McCaffery said amid the ongoing investigation, it's "business as usual" for the Hawkeyes. 

"Everybody seems to think that a couple weeks ago the whole college basketball landscape has been rocked. No, not for us. We do things a certain way, and that's it, and we'll just keep doing it that way," McCaffery said during the press conference.

The eight-year head coach said the investigation is of "isolated cases" that doesn't involve the Iowa program. 

"We have a certain expectation here as to how we're going to react day in and day out, and how my staff is going to function. So, hopefully, moving forward they'll find whoever was guilty of those transgressions and react accordingly. We're just going to be business as usual here. Nothing changes for us," he said.

It's a sentiment current roster players said McCaffery has shared with them, too.

"We know how coach is and know he's been on the up and up with all of us," Tyler Cook, a sophomore forward, said. "We knew we did the right things the right way here, so we don't have anything to worry about here. That's what he told us."

McCaffery said he's no stranger to self-policing when it comes to his program and others.

"What you can do is, when you know something is going on, turn that team in. Who does that? Not a lot of people do that. I do it. I've turned programs in, and I'll continue to do that when I know that there's stuff going on," McCaffery said.

The FBI's role in the investigation is something that comes as the biggest surprise. McCaffery said it's likely nobody thought the FBI would get involved in an investigation that is generally done by the NCAA, who doesn't have the same authority.

“(The NCAA is) interested in getting to the bottom of it. But they can’t wiretap your phone. They can’t run a sting operation. They can’t have insiders. So maybe this is a game-changer, with regard to the FBI’s involvement.”

During the press conference, the future of the sport wasn't something McCaffery appeared to be worried about.

"Any time the game is cleaned up, it's better for all of us," McCaffery said. "We do things the right way. We do things a certain way."

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