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Miller Riverview Campground to stay, upgrades for Chaplain Schmitt Island moving forward

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Dubuque city leaders have changed their minds about possibly getting rid of Miller Riverview Park & Campground.

It's located on Chaplain Schmitt Island, which the city has big plans for redeveloping.

"That is no longer part of what we want to accomplish, we still want to move ahead with parts of the proposal," said city council member, Kevin Lynch, who is also chairperson of the Chaplain Schmitt Island Task Force. 

The plan is to make the island a year-round destination hot spot. That includes adding an amphitheater for up to 15,000 people, a recreation tower with zip-lining or events like weddings, and lighting the Wisconsin Bridge with bright colors.

The concern was that one part of the plan called for building over the campground.

Campers told KWWL they're happy to hear things have changed -- the park will remain open.

Many of them have been going there for years, some visiting the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, which is also located within the park.

Despite the campground often flooding, people seem to find enjoyment there.

"It's a nice campground, nice park with some scenic views," said Tom Gilbert, an artist from Madison, Wisconsin. "I found a nice sunny scene to paint."

The proposal is still being worked on, but city officials say they just want to coexist with people using the park. "What we want in the end, is for everybody to be happy, and to make Schmitt Island a great place for everybody to be, and that can include camping too," said Lynch.

According to city officials, the plan is still being worked on. The first phase of the project is estimated to cost $3.1 million.

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