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Orchard owners raising money to help shooting victim

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The owner of Apples on the Avenue orchard is helping the 8-year-old boy who got shot by a stray bullet on their grounds. 

Owner Darin Enderton and his wife Arlene started a GoFundMe page to help raise money for the family.

"I asked them last night how they're covering medical expenses, and the medical expenses are covered through insurance thankfully," said Darin Enderton. "But they did mention they have loss of income right now while one parent has to be at the hospital and the other parent has to watch the other child, so that's the big reason we're starting it. And we're going to contribute and we encourage other people to contribute also."

The orchard, which is normally closed for business on Mondays, was open Tuesday.

Although the accidental shooting happened two day ago, customers said the unfortunate situation will not be keeping them away. 

"It's just not their fault," said customer Jackie Ransom. "It's just a weird accident that happened and I hope that they come out to this orchard and get some apples because it's really not their fault."

But the accident, is still leaving many with a lot of lingering questions. 

"What type of gun was this?" asked customer Judy Studer. "How far? Range?"

Studer and her husband from Clear Lake almost stopped at the orchard Sunday afternoon while they were on their way to Iowa city but they missed their exit. 

"That could've happened as we're driving past, in the car," said Studer. "So it could've been us. It could've been anybody. Or anywhere you're driving."

Enderton says safety is his priority and his customers have have been supportive.

"Even after the shooting people were really understanding about what happened and a lot of our customers have reached out to us through Facebook," said Enderton. "I really believe we'll get through this. And this was an isolated incident. I'm sure the gun club is working right now to fix whatever went wrong over there that this happened in the first place."

For Enderton and customers, the 8-year-old boy caught in the middle is at the top of their minds. The boy remains in stable condition and Enderton has been in contact with his parents. 

The Chickasaw County Sheriff says the investigation is ongoing. Sheriff Hemann says they recovered a firearm, which they believe the stray bullet came from. The firearm has been handed over to the DCI. Sheriff Hemann would not disclose what type of firearm was recovered, until the DCI's investigation is complete. 

The Nashua Fish and Game Club would not comment until the investigation is complete. However, they did say they will be closed until then. 

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