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5-Step Recovery: Springville football player returns after scare

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Football is a physical sport, but there's a delicate side too.

That comes after a player suffers a concussion.

More schools and teams are being extremely cautious these days.

Zach March recently returned to the field for Springville after suffering a concussion on September 8th.

They were playing Lone Tree when he was injured.

As Zach laid on the field for 30 minutes, the players for both teams could be seen kneeling together, hoping he was OK.

"The last thing I remember was we were on a kick return and the guy kicked off. I caught the ball and that's really all I remember.  I just remember waking up on the ground," said March.

It took time and patience for him to get back on the field.

There's a 5-step process athletes like Zach must go through as they recover.

Step 1: Light activity (According to the CDC, this means about 5 to 10 minutes with no weightlifting.)

Step 2: Moderate activity (Increase the heart rate a little more with jogging and some weightlifting.)

Step 3: Heavy, non-contact activity (The CDC says heavy non-contact physical activity can be added, like running, regular weightlifting.)

Step 4: Practice & full contact (The athlete can return to practice.)

Step 5: Competition

Throughout the process, coaches and parents watch for the return of any concussion symptoms, which would be a sign the athlete is coming back too soon or pushing too hard.

"It puts football in perspective, for sure. It is just a game," said Springville Football Coach Joe Martin.

Before Zach could start the five steps, he spent time at home recovering.  He had to stay out the light and not use electronics too long.

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