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"Criminal Confessions" spotlights Waterloo murder investigation

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The Oxygen network t.v. show "Criminal Confessions" is taking a closer look at a double murder that happened in Waterloo ten years ago. 

The episode, "An Informant," revolves around the Waterloo Police Department's work in solving the case. 

Both Ronald Scullark Junior and Annisa Schroeder were shot and killed in broad daylight in November 2007. 

The shows producers came to Waterloo this past spring to interview Waterloo Police Investigators who worked on the case. Investigator Lynn Moller, who's now retired, remembers the case standing out from the ones he's worked on in his 35 years at the department. 

"It wasn't in the East side of Waterloo in an alley at 3:30 in the morning," said Moller. "So that's what set it apart-the wheres and the whens and broad daylight. It was a beautiful sunshine day in November. Cold, but it was a nice day. They were in the wrong place at the wrong time, the wrong person got mad."

The two were found shot and killed in a car in Waterloo. 

 "When we rolled up on scene it was a who done it?" said Moller. "And there was blood on the street. Not a couple drops. A good stream of blood that led all the way to the vehicle."

 Moller says when they arrived on scene there weren't very many witnesses so they had one option.

"You go where the information takes you," said Moller. "As we're following leads, going where they take us, we do a 180. Now our witness has turned into a suspect and people are re-interviewed and we had to pull teeth."

The witness, Martaves Keys, who was known to officers as a confidential informant, was now being looked at as the lead suspect. Keys confessed and was later found guilty. 

Moller says the Waterloo Police Department had solved a double homicide in less than four days. He credits the work of every single officer who worked the case from the moment they arrived at the crime scene. 

"The Police department as a whole is damn good," said Moller. "We got investigators who are excellent at interviewing people. People are going to watch this and say-yeah well they didn't solve this one-they didn't solve that one. There are just cases where you pull teeth, and pull teeth, and pull teeth, and people are just simply not going to talk. And this had a little bit of both. We had some in the beginning that helped us right away and got the ball rolling. But when it comes down to Keys and his girlfriend-it was pulling teeth time."

Keys is currently serving two consecutive life sentences for first degree murder. 

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