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92-year-old man says fortune cookie predicted his lottery win

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 Charles Svatos is 92-years-old and has been buying a lotto ticket since the Iowa Lottery started in the eighties.

 "The Mega-Millions, the Powerball, and the Lucky For Life. . . .every Sunday," said Svatos.

On Sunday, at his usual stop, Gasby's in North Liberty, Svatos bought a coffee and checked his lotto tickets, finding he had won.

The 92-year-old won the Lucky For Life game, which gives winners $25,000 a year for life.

"Surprised more than anything," said Svatos.

Then Svatos remembered the fortune from a Chinese dinner that he had stuck in his wallet just a few days before.

"I never remembered a fortune cookie being that accurate. I never believed in them," said Svatos.

But for some reason, he kept the fortune which reads, "You will discover an unexpected treasure."

A treasure of nearly $400,000. Svatos chose to take the one-time pay-out instead of the $25,000 a year.

"Pretty old, by the time you collected all that money. Then you have to file income tax every year. I don't want to be bugged with that," said Svatos.

Instead, Svatos is going to enjoy life and travel.

"I might take a few trips somewhere. Alaska is the place I have always wanted to go," said Svatos.

He says he might take his two daughters to Alaska to celebrate the big win.

Before retiring, Svatos worked for several dairy companies managing the bottling machines.

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