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Iowa family documents adventures with lost stuffed animal, "George"

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This is a story every parent can relate to.

What do you do when your child's favorite stuffed animal gets lost or destroyed? 

One eastern Iowa woman is getting a lot of attention for a new approach.

Marion woman, Katie Hoeppner, found a stuffed animal at a rest stop along Interstate 80 in Iowa.

She says she knows what it's like to have a child that's heartbroken when he or she loses his or her stuffed animal

That is why Katie decided to post to Facebook, saying she decided to rescue the little guy from the rest stop and bring him home.

Her family named this stuffed animal "George," and they have been posting pictures on Facebook. 

They're hoping someone will see the pictures, recognize George, and reunite him with his owner. 

The stuffed animal has had a lot of adventures with Katie's family. 

Last night Katie posted some new pictures of him learning Pre-Algebra and of him playing with the family dog. 

There's also pictures of George up on Facebook trying Starbucks, watching football, and going to cheerleading practice. 

This Facebook post has been shared over 40 thousand times by people all over the U.S. We even saw it was shared in Brazil.

For more pictures of George, or a look at the Facebook post, click here

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